About DBI

About DBI

Downtown Bellefonte Inc. (DBI) is dedicated to helping business arrive and thrive in 21st Century Bellefonte while preserving, protecting, and utilizing Bellefonte’s historic architecture and heritage, and organizing town-wide initiatives that invite residents and visitors alike to discover all that Bellefonte has to offer.



About our Past Events

In 2019, Downtown Bellefonte Inc. (DBI) has held 2 major events:

The Waterfront Dinner

Held in September, was a progressive style dinner served by Bellefonte-area food and beverage vendors and held on Waterfront walk. The event had 800+ attendees and sold out hours after ticket launched. Over $20,000 was reimbursed to our vendors.

Outdoor Adventure Expo

Held in June, is a free-admission, regional event to promote nature-based tourism and commerce, with the added benefit of promoting the health benefits of getting outside. In 2019, we partnered with 40+ vendors, held 10 workshops and welcomed over 800 visitors.

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