Bellefonte Under the Lights: Menu

Under the Lights Menu for September 2 & 3, 2022

 Admission includes one of each course plus a beverage (alcohol or no alcohol) of your choice.

Additional food tickets can be purchased at the check-in table. Beverage sales are to be made directly with the vendor.
Takeout is available with some vendors.

Tickets for both nights are on sale NOW!

Tickets can be purchased online via EventBrite


Cakeshop by Tati
Carraway Blini: smoked salmon, dill, heirloom tomato, nutritional yeast, banyuls vinegar (can be made with no fish)

Blonde Bistro Brew Works
Buffalo Chicken Dip Nachos

Happy Dishes
Fries, Cheese Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, or Onion Rings

Happy Wraps
Stuffed Pepper Soup or Choice of Pinwheel Wraps


Hublersburg Inn
Garlic Hummus with quick pickled tomato and cucumber with house-made flatbread

Pizza Mia!
Small Salad Bar or 1 piece Specialty Pizza

The Governor’s Pub (Friday only)
Crab Pretzels


Bonnie Blue’s
Smokeys & Sweets Choice of Stuffed Pork Tenderloin OR Stuffed Chicken Thigh served with roasted veggies and baby potatoes

Blonde Bistro Brew Works
Wedding Soup Risotto

Brazilian Munchies (Friday)
Brazilian Marinated Chicken Shish Kebab with pico de gallo and farofa (toasted cassava flour), or Beef Tacos: corn tortilla, lettuce, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, guacamole salsa, jalapeños. (Gluten-Free)
Vegan Burrito: flour tortilla filled with rice, beans, spinach, light little Brazilian pepper, and heart of palm (Vegan)

Brazilian Munchies (Saturday)
Pork or Vegan Burrito with Yuca fries (Can be vegan)
Big Deep Fried Empanada filled with ham and cheese or cheese and pico de gallo
Tacos Beef and Pork (Gluten Free)

Happy Dishes
House Burger with or without American or cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion
Loaded Cheese Fries with pulled pork with BBQ sauce, with or without bacon
Chicken Finger Basket
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Happy Wraps
Beef fajita burrito with a side

Italian Wedge or Caprese Wedge

Hublersburg Inn
Roasted Shaved Leg of Lamb Gyro-Style on house-made naan bread with cucumber, tomato, tzatziki sauce

Mamma Lucrezia’s
Vodka Orecchiette with broccolini sausage in a creamy red sauce

Pizza Mia!
2 pieces of Specialty Pizza or Large Salad Bar (Can be gluten-free)


Bonnie Blue’s Smokeys & Sweets
Talleyrand Cream Bourbon Chocolate Mousse Mini Cannolis

Brazilian Munchies
Brigadeiro: Brazilian chocolate fudge balls
rolled in sprinkles (Friday). Churros filled with Dulce de Leche (Saturday)

Cakeshop by Tati Pistachio
Pistachio and Peach Tart: pistachio praline, honey lavender poached peaches, lemon thyme (contains: eggs, nuts, butter, stone fruit, gluten), or Concord Grape and Yuzu Tart, Mascarpone Cream, Peanut Praline (contains: dairy and gluten)

Happy Wraps
Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll Ala Mode

Hublersburg Inn
Peanut Butter Pie

Pizza Mia!
Cheesecake with toppings, or Oreo Cheesecake, or Chocolate Cake

Sunset Slush Happy Valley
Italian Ice: Pina Colada, mango, lemon, sour apple, raspberry, chocolate, coconut creme, cherry

The Governor’s Pub (Friday only)
Kahlua Cupcakes with Baileys Icing



Bees Knees Coffee
Coffee (Hot/Iced), Latte (Hot/Iced), Cold Brew, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Arnold Palmer.
Specialty drinks include Earl Gray Arnold Palmer, Bees Knees Latte, Grasshopper Latte, Flower Lemonade, Irish Coffee

Downtown Bellefonte Inc.
Complimentary Water

Root Beer Float, Orange Creamsicle Float (with or without liquor)


Axemann Brewing
Oktoberfest, Blue Stripe Kolsch, Moon Dog Double IPA, Titan Stout

Big Spring Spirits
Spirits / Cocktails

Good Intent Cider (Friday only)

Otto's Pub and Brewery

The Republic
One for All: your choice of spirit, cranberry choice, orange juice, ginger syrup, and club soda
Sauvignon Blanc; Rosé; Cabernet Sauvignon; General Braddock IPA (12oz cans)

Under the Lights Event Maps


Larger versions of these maps can be found here:
Parking Map - Friday
Parking Map - Saturday
Vendor Map

If you are attending Friday night, please consider utilizing CATA GO. On-demand transit service will run until 11 pm on Friday and 7 pm on Saturday.

Limited handicap parking is available in the Gamble Mill lot.