Why volunteer with us?

Volunteers are the backbone of Downtown Bellefonte Inc. Our volunteers use their talents in a variety of ways, from creating organizational documents, planning fundraising campaigns, helping with day-to-day operations, assisting with business recruitment, and planning and coordinating events. Whatever your strengths and talents are, DBI has a place for you. When you volunteer with DBI, you help to create a downtown worth experiencing. Whether people come to Bellefonte to live, work, stay, play, eat, drink, or shop, they are getting a unique experience that DBI could only provide with its dedicated and talented volunteers.

Find brief descriptions of each of our committees below. If one sounds like a good fit for you, go ahead and fill out a volunteer application. Want to help support Downtown Bellefonte Inc. in other ways? Set up a call with us at this link.

In addition to the committees listed below, we are currently looking for members for the Board of Directors, with terms starting in January 2022. Please fill out the application below if you're interested in becoming involved with the board. 


Events Committee

Fundraising Committee

Marketing Committee

Involved in the planning, organizing, and implementing our signature community events, such as Bellefonte Under the Lights, Winter Market, and the Outdoor Adventure Expo. Like many nonprofits, DBI relies solely on volunteers to plan and produce these large scale events. We’re also always looking for people who have ideas on events that we could produce and be willing to lead those projects into reality. Involved with functions relating to the organization’s efforts to raise money and create donor relations. Downtown Bellefonte Inc.’s annual appeal to the community is a major committee project, as is planning small-scale fundraising-centric events or activities. Involved with functions relating to the organization’s overall brand, communications, and public-facing appearance.
This committee works to position the downtown as the center of the community and hub of economic activity, while creating a positive image that showcases our community’s unique characteristics.


Economic Vitality Committee

Design Committee

Organization Committee

Focused on capital, incentives, and other economic and financial tools to assist new and existing businesses, catalyze property development, and create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators that drive local economies. Involved with identifying, proposing and implementing improved aesthetic and experiential impressions of Bellefonte’s central business district, including the assessment of our wayfinding signage, that includes access to parking and other landmarks and the overall impression conveyed to visitors and customers within our Main Street commercial areas. In 2019, along with the Borough of Bellefonte we secured grant financing for a rebranding and wayfinding project that is currently underway. Works to create a strong foundation for a sustainable revitalization effort, including cultivating partnerships, community involvement, and resources for the district; it also ensures that the corporation exercises best practices in organizational effectiveness by making recommendations in the areas of governance, fundraising, impact assessment, and volunteer development.

Event Day Volunteers

Want to lend a hand but can't commit to a committee? We are always looking for event-day volunteers who can spare a few hours to help with set-up, tear-down and with the event itself. Sign-up below or email us here.