Our Values

Our Mission

Downtown Bellefonte, Inc. (DBI) is dedicated to helping business arrive and thrive in 21st Century Bellefonte, Pennsylvania while preserving, protecting, and utilizing Bellefonte’s historic architecture and heritage, and organizing town-wide initiatives that invite residents and visitors alike to discover all that Bellefonte has to offer.



Downtown Bellefonte’s primary role is to champion downtown Bellefonte’s economic vitality. It is Downtown Bellefonte‘s responsibility to identify market trends and create opportunities to foster a positive economic environment by capitalizing on its proximity to higher education epicenters and easily accessible thoroughfares. The organization leads recruitment initiatives to bring new businesses to downtown while working with current businesses through retention, sustainment, and expansion efforts. SpringBoard, Downtown Bellefonte’s business incubator and co-working space, offers guidance and resources to entrepreneurs and professionals.


A living, breathing downtown is one that embraces community assets and represents good economic health and a high quality of life. This is strengthened by the coordinated efforts of business and community organizations, established business owners, volunteers, progressive political leadership, local government and responsible property owners. By working together, Downtown Bellefonte recognizes that community affiliations and partnerships are always vital to future progress.

Architecture & Historic Preservation

Very few populated downtowns in America are as well preserved and charming as Bellefonte; our architecture is widely recognized as a valuable asset that needs to be maintained with care and passion. Downtown Bellefonte works closely with preservation groups, the Bellefonte Borough government and code officials to help encourage and maintain the town’s infrastructure by offering real support in maintaining a historically preserved community while promoting its adaptive reuse potential.

Cultural & Artistic Significance

Downtown Bellefonte believes strongly that history and art are inseparable from a living, breathing downtown. Historical significance — such as the Victorian architecture and the legacy of the town’s seven U.S. governors, and the Underground Railroad — on both the state and national level give the town an air of American relevance. By that same token, the town’s reputation as a gathering place for artists and artisans is a vital part of the Bellefonte aura. This combination serves as a major draw to locals and visitors as well as helping to attract new businesses. DBI works closely with local art and historic organizations, museums, galleries, and community organizers in a concentrated year-round effort to promote Bellefonte’s heritage, cultural and creative strengths.

Natural Assets & Recreational Opportunities

Part of the Pennsylvania Wilds, there is a natural Appalachian wonderland surrounding Bellefonte that makes it unique. Talleyrand Park is one of the most beautiful public parks in the entire state. Flowing through the park and much of Bellefonte, Spring Creek is recognized as one of the best trout streams in the world. Central Pennsylvania is home to millions of acres of publicly accessible state parks, forests, and game lands, and much of that land is within a quick drive from downtown. DBI works with a variety of local and state organizations and groups to highlight the infinite natural blessings that are in and around Bellefonte. As Central Pennsylvania continues to grow as a popular destination for fly fishing, hunting, kayaking, hiking, and biking, DBI works to advance and promote our many outdoor attractions.

Major Initiatives

Bellefonte SpringBoard

Powered by Downtown Bellefonte Inc., Bellefonte SpringBoard is a small business and innovation center that provides coworking, business resources, programming, and more. Since first opening its doors in 2017, SpringBoard has served as a catalyst for entrepreneurial ideas and played a role in the revitalization of the entire downtown.

Visit the SpringBoard website here.


Signature Events

Annually, Downtown Bellefonte Inc. holds events that have been transformational for the community, including Bellefonte Under the Lights, the Winter Market, Fridays in the 'Fonte, and the Outdoor Adventure Expo.

Public Art

Over the last two years, Downtown Bellefonte Inc. has worked with community members to facilitate a mural project in downtown Bellefonte. The project will come to fruition this spring of 2024 with the installation of a large-scale mural at 123 S. Allegheny St., Bellefonte, PA 16823.

From May 21 to May 28, the public is encouraged to visit 123 S. Allegheny to watch the muralists, KEY DETAIL, of New York City, install the mural. The public is asked to stay clear of the muralist’s equipment and save their questions for the May 23 Artist Talk event.

The Bellefonte mural design celebrates Bellefonte's history as a key stop along the National Air Mail in the early years of U.S. transcontinental mail. Bellefonte airfields played an important role as a major refueling stop between New York and Chicago. Mail was flown for the first time from Bellefonte on December 18, 1918, and pilots flew an assortment of planes, including de Havilland DH-4s and Curtiss JN-4H “Jennies.”

On May 23, Matt Maris of Local Historia will join KEY DETAIL at an artist talk event from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Bellefonte Art Museum. The public is encouraged to join us at this free event to learn more about National Air Mail and Bellefonte’s role in that rich history and hear from KEY DETAIL. The mural artists will share more about their careers and answer questions about their work.

Click here to read more about the project.

Entrepreneurship Statement

Downtown Bellefonte Inc. supports all legal businesses that operate in the Borough of Bellefonte and surrounding areas, including but not limited to brick-and-mortar, service, intellectual property, pop-up, and mobile. While DBI cannot organize activities for every business, it will create opportunities for each entity to thrive and contribute to the economic vitality of the Bellefonte community. DBI is committed to positively impacting the lives and livelihoods of its neighbors.

Inclusion Statement

Downtown Bellefonte Inc. is welcoming all people regardless of gender, skin color, ethnicity, religious belief, age, disability or sexual orientation. We believe that diversity and inclusion are key components in building a robust and compassionate community. While we may have unique perspectives or backgrounds, we are united in the commonalities we have through our love of Bellefonte.