Downtown Bellefonte Inc. Members

Thank you, Corporate Supporters!

Individuals, organizations, and businesses that recognize the clear value of investing in the Main Street program and in Bellefonte as a whole. This membership level includes a Business Membership at no additional cost, and will be recognized by DBI for playing an instrumental role in renewing and revitalizing Bellefonte.

Neighborhood Supporter Members

For individuals who want to support Downtown Bellefonte Inc. in its mission to help businesses arrive and thrive in downtown Bellefonte, showcase the surrounding natural assets, and preserve the historic culture of our small town. Thank you, members!

2021 Members

Kent & Mary Addis
Damon Anderson
Zach & Maria Barton
Rodney Beard
R Thomas & Paulette Lorraine Berner
Kathy & Phil Breidenbaugh
Kristen Bruckner
Aubrey Brush
Natalie Burkey
William Carey
Jessica DeFelice & Eric Cerino
Stephen Brawley & Evelyn Chianelli
Carla Cipro
Debbie Cleeton
Monteca Confer
Doris Conner
Connie Cousins
Laura Cook
Melanie & Douglas Corl
Kristen Cox
Emily Cummins
Marc & Taylor Decker
Amanda DePasquale
Virginia A DiRienzo
Bryan Emory & Jennilyn Schuster Emory
Cynthia & Michael Evcic
Susan Fairo
Chad & Gina Feather
Larry Fennessey
Casey Fenton
Bob Froehlich
Barbara W Fyffe
Bob & Sue Hannegan
Dennis & Bonnie Harr
JoAnna Harter
Elizabeth Hay
Jack and Diane Heckendorn (Heckendorn Family Fund)
Mark Higgins
Don Holderman
Melissa Hombosky
Ellen & Rick Johnson
Lesley & Jerry Kistner
Ashley Hughes & John Kmiecinski
Joseph Kleha
Chuck Kurtz

Kathi Lewis
Kristin Lewis
Christina LoDuca
Jeannine Lozier
Matt Maris
Lisa & Andrew Marzka
Ellen Matis
Lori Miller
Erica Milliron
Jason Moser
William Muse & Melanie Raudenbush-Muse
Erin Myers
Sharma Noonan
Jessica O'Brian
Nancy Perkins
Jolene & Walter Peterson
Steven Potter
James Puckett
John & Jackie Raiser
James and Sandra Ranio
Elizabeth Runkle
Frances Russell
Mike & Gina Scott
Laura Shadle
Peggy & Jesse Shaner
Jennifer & Chris Shuey
Katie & Nathan Smitchko
LoriBeth Smith
Thomas & Sara Songer
Denise Snyder
Lorin Spangler
Charles Steffen
Ralph Stewart
Sandra Stewart
Carol Stolte
Chris Shinham
Joanne Tosti-Vasey
Sara & Aaron Tyson
Jim Vaiana
Troy Weston
Samuel Wetherald
Holly Wilson
Lois Wolfe

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