Downtown Bellefonte Inc. Members

Thank you, Corporate Supporters!

Individuals, organizations, and businesses that recognize the clear value of investing in the Main Street program and in Bellefonte as a whole. This membership level includes a Business Membership at no additional cost, and will be recognized by DBI for playing an instrumental role in renewing and revitalizing Bellefonte.

Business & Organization Members

Open to any business or organization that wants to invest in Bellefonte’s Main Street program, and in our community as a whole. Thank you, members!


Art a la Carte
Axemann Brewery
Bees Knees Coffee
Bellefonte Art Museum
Bellefonte Bed & Breakfast
Bellefonte Family Dentistry
Bellefonte Farmers' Market
Bellefonte Historic Preservation Foundation
Bellefonte Intervalley Chamber of Commerce
Belle Mercantile
Big Spring Spirits
The Blonde Bistro
Bonfatto's Italian Market & Cafe
Bonnie Blues
Brazilian Munchies
By A Thread
The Cakeshop by Tati
Centre Boot Company
Centre County Library & Historical Society
Color Penn State
Confer's Jeweler
Felicity's Pet Supplies
A Flower Basket
The Gamble Mill
The Great Mish Mosh
The Governors' Pub
Happy Wraps
Helen Foxx & Co.
Hello Social Co.
HFL Corporation
Hoffman Leakey Architects LLC
Hublersburg Inn
Jabebo Studio
JRS Landscaping
Juniper Studio
Kelleher Landscape
Labor Solutions, LLC
Local Historia
LOCK Boutique
M & M Copy Service
The Magpie's Nest
Mamma Lucrezia's Italian Restaurant
Monarch Salon
New Wave Salon
Nittany Catering Company
Our Fair Lady Bed & Breakfast
Plumb's Drug Store & Gift Shop
Pizza Mia!
Portfolio A Salon
Provan Enterprises
Sage Beauty Company
Savory Station
Schuster's Landscaping, LLC 
Smith + Front
Summers Martial Arts and Personal Defense
Sunset Slush Happy Valley  
The Queen, A Victorian Bed & Breakfast
Tadpole Crossing
Tina Dee Photography & Design
Titan Hollow
Titan Market

118 Firehouse Market (coming soon!)

Neighborhood Supporter Members

For individuals who want to support Downtown Bellefonte Inc. in its mission to help businesses arrive and thrive in downtown Bellefonte, showcase the surrounding natural assets, and preserve the historic culture of our small town. Thank you, members!

2021 Members

Damon Anderson
Luthien Baker-McCarthy
Zach & Maria Barton
Christian Baum
Rodney Beard
Aimee Brown
Aubrey Brush
Debra Burger
Natalie Burkey
Tammie Burnaford
Jim Burtoft
Kelly & Mark Camden
Lisa Carey
William Carey
Jessica DeFelice & Eric Cerino
Stephen Brawley & Evelyn Chianelli
Jeremiah Chila
Carla Cipro
Debbie Cleeton
Monteca Confer
Tammy Connelly
Laura Cook
Melanie & Douglas Corl
Connie Cousins
Marc & Taylor Decker
Mark, Jodie, Anna & Liberty Dello Stritto
Amanda DePasquale
Christine Dermota
Mike Desmond
Virginia A DiRienzo
Tammy Dunmer
Stuart Echols
Bryan Emory & Jennilyn Schuster Emory
Betsy Esposito
Cynthia & Michael Evcic
Chad & Gina Feather
Casey Fenton
Molly Fisher
Bob Froehlich
Barbara W Fyffe
Roger Garthwaite
Andrea & Brad Groznik
Heather Harter
JoAnna Harter
Matthew Harter
Cindy L Hazel
Jack and Diane Heckendorn (Heckendorn Family Fund)
Mark Higgins
Melissa Hombosky
Cathy Horner
Ashley Hughes
Kathleen Hume
Jennifer Illig
Jennifer & Rick Jacobs
Ellen Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Jenni Kahler
Lesley & Jerry Kistner

Ashley Hughes & John Kmiecinski
Joseph Kleha
Andrew Kuhn
Katrina Lee
Kathi Lewis
Nancy Lippincott
Christina LoDuca
Jeannine Lozier
Lisa & Chris Marsh
Lisa & Andrew Marzka
Ellen Matis
Connie McCulley
Robert McWilliams
Jessica Miller
Lori Miller
Erica Milliron
Lisa Mincemoyer
Jason Moser
William Muse & Melanie Raudenbush-Muse
Erin Myers
Nancy Perkins
Jolene & Walter Peterson
Scott Pistner & Mike Hawn
Jacob Phillips
James Puckett
John & Jackie Raiser
James and Sandra Ranio
Julie Rohleder
Aaron Rowland
Frances Russell
Stacy Saar
Sharon Schafer
Kelly Scott
Brad Sharp
Jennifer Shuey
Katie & Nathan Smitchko
Monica Smith
Tom Smith
Denise Snyder
Thomas & Sara Songer
Jennifer South
Lorin Spangler
Michelle Spearly
Kathryn Spielvogel
Charles Steffen
Sandra Stewart
Helen & Raymond Stolinas
Carol Stolte
Dottie & Larry Swartz
Holly Swires
Kim Swistock
Gina Thompson
Joe Torrell
Joanne Tosti-Vasey
Sara & Aaron Tyson
Jim & Pam Vaiana
Douglas Vonada
Noelle Waggett
Megan Wagner
Troy Weston
Samuel Wetherald
Holly Wilson
Lois Wolfe
Sean Yoder

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